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Nadex Call Spreads let you experience the most important element
in life and trading – time.

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Nadex Call Spreads – Perhaps the best trading instrument that you have never heard about.

nadex call spreads diagramNadex Call Spreads are a single contract with a floor and a ceiling range. The floor represents the lowest level the contract can trade, and the ceiling represents the highest level a contract can trade. With this structure, they may seem very similar to Nadex Knock-Out contracts and they do share some similarities, but there are also two major differences.

1  Nadex Call Spreads will only expire at the pre-determined time, unlike knock-outs, also known as Touch Bracket™ contracts, which immediately expire if the floor or ceiling is touched.

2  Nadex Call Spreads let you buy time to be right or give you optionality. Optionality, in this context, is basically the ability to utilize a premium on time to protect your position. By paying a small premium for time value, you are effectively defining the maximum risk you are willing to take on a position. Because you pay this premium, you are not utilizing a stop, because the maximum risk is predefined, without a stop, and there is no potential for slippage.

Regulated by the CFTC
Thousands of contracts traded Sunday-Friday
No brokers or broker commissions


Why trade Nadex Call Spreads?




Buy the time
to be right


Small Contract Sizes

Trade the equivalent of
micro futures and mini FX


Controlled Risk

Risk defined at the
start of the trade



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How much does it cost to trade call spreads?


The fees on each side of a trade is $1 per contract per order.

When the call spread contract settles, there is a $1 settlement fee per contract. If the payout of each contract is less than $1, the settlement fee will be reduced to the amount of the total settlement payout for that position.

We worked to make our fees as simple and straightforward as we can. That’s because we are serious about letting you open an account with us in minutes, understand the costs, and start trading as soon as you are ready.

Trading Fees Per Contract (Entry or Exit Before Expiration)

Type Total Fees
Entry or Exit Before Expiration

$1 trading fee per contract

Trade Expiration $1 settlement fee per contract**

** If the per-contract settlement payout is greater than $0, but the total fee to be charged for the position exceeds the total settlement payout for that position, Nadex will reduce its fee to the amount of the total settlement payout for that position (that is, Nadex will not charge a settlement fee that exceeds a settlement payout).